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As a wife, mother, and fellow San Antonio neighbor who understands the severity of COVID-19; I am committed to promoting a safe and healthy environment for everyone involved during photo sessions.

  • I have a dedicated studio that is not shared with any other photographers or individuals.

  • Studio sessions are limited to only one client per day.

  • Before each session, the studio is cleaned, disinfected, and sanitized in accordance with current EPA or CDC guidelines.

  • The studio uses two (2) HEPA air purifiers with Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) minimum ratings of 300 that are properly sized for the studio’s square-footage.

  • The studio has three (3) sets of windows and a balcony door that remain open, weather permitting, for fresh air circulation.

  • During a session, only two other people will be present: one Hair & Makeup Artist, and myself as the Photographer.

  • I only work with a professional Artist from the same Hair & Makeup Team for all my sessions.

  • I wear either a NIOSH-approved N-95 respirator or a NIOSH-approved P-100 respirator.

  • The Hair & Makeup Artist wears a surgical or cloth mask (usually wears two masks and a face shield).

  • At the start of a session, everyone is asked to properly wash hands.

  • Throughout the session everyone will be reminded to wash hands and use hand sanitizer. 

  • Every client (and my Hair & Makeup Artist, and myself) must complete and pass a COVID-19 symptom survey prior to the session.

  • Every client (and my Hair & Makeup Artist, and myself) must pass a temperature reading prior to entering the studio.

  • If a client (or my Hair & Makeup Artist, or myself) exhibits COVID-19 symptoms during a session, then that session will immediately end.


Please note that while the above measures can significantly reduce your chances of getting COVID-19, nothing is 100% safe and you're doing this at your own risk. These safeguards may be updated at any time and without prior notice.

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